10 Best Bass Frog Lure Reviews in 2022

We conducted a review and determined the best bass frog lure for 2022. We’re going to share the list with you in this article.

Frog fishing is a lot of fun, as most anglers who have successfully used a frog lure for bass will tell you.

It’s tense as it waits for an explosive strike of water, weeds, and sometimes frogs themselves to explode in the air. Try the best brass frog lures for a fast and fun bass fishing experience.

Best Frog Lures for Bass 2022

#1 Lunkerhunt Lunker: Overall Best Frog Lures for Bass

Lunkerhunt Lunker Freshwater Bass Fishing Frog Lure

It’s the best topwater frog lures for large bass fishing. The soft hollow body lures come in multiple colors for any time you would love to fishing in.  The hollow body gets collapsed easily to hook the fish. It’s a super realistic weedless frog that you can throw right on the lily pads where the bass is waiting to be hooked.

It will bring the angler excitement and fun when the bass attacks it on the surface of the green pads. This frog lure is a pure attention-grabber for bass with its swimming legs like live frogs. It splashes well and can swim in an odd vegetation area.

If you have a medium-heavy fishing rod with a braided line, put this frog lure to pull the bass out of the water with a great success rate.

The lLunkerhunt frog lure makes bass fishing a breeze. To get an idea, watch this video.

#2 Croch Hollow Body Weedless Topwater Frog Lure For Bass

Best Frog Lure review

It’s another hollow body frog lure for topwater fishing. The package comes with a huge set of frogs on a budget. It has a soft, flexible rubber body with sharp, sturdy, and recessed double hooks.

The two skirts are a bit small in size but it works perfectly for topwater bass fishing. These frog lures come in a variety of colors and sizes for fishing in different spots in different weather conditions.

Every frog from the 18 pieces of the pack will catch bass for you. The frogs are completely weedless and work amazing in the weeds and lily pads.

The overall value is good for the set of frog lures. It can be a great choice for anglers who love to drop these lures out there in marshy areas from kayak or bat. You definitely go to catch some big bass or salmon with it.

#3 Topwater Frog Lure Bass Trout Fishing Lures Kit Set Realistic

Best Topwater Frog Lure Bass Trout

It is the most realistic frog lure set for fishing in weedy areas. The two propelled feet lure swims like a live frog and splashes the water to grab the attention of the target fish. The super-soft PVC body collapses easily to hook the bass.

It never gets water inside and resetting the frog is a breeze. It also comes with three colors to find the suited one for the day or nighttime fishing. The hooks are sharp enough and perfectly fit for the freshwater fish mouth.

The 3.5 inches of lures ensures a great size and weighs only 13g for easy throwing the frog bait. It crawls on the water distinctly and comes with 3d eye design to make it more realistic. It’s comparably one of the best frog bait for bass fishing.

#4 RUNCL Topwater Frog Lures For Bass with Tackle Box

RUNCL Topwater frog for fishing

It’s an amazing topwater frog lure. The 5 pieces set bass fishing lure kit ensures the right action and movement of the legs. Its pop of the body seems like the real frog and sits alike. This lure set comes with an organized tackle box with 5 slots.

These are the ultimate frog lures for catching bass. They are easy to use and attractive to the bass. The topwater frog lures come in a nice weight and go far in the weedy areas easily. Its weedless design helps to hang the lures up by weeds and lily pads.

The design and construction are good with PVC materials and sharp barbed hooks. Its 3d eyes and real legs swimming style make the lure more realistic. It will be great fun for the bass anglers with these frog baits.

#5 Double Propellers Topwater Bass Frog Lure

Double Propellers Frogs Soft Bait

It’s the best prop frog lure for bass topwater fishing. The lures length is good and lightweight to increase throwing ability.  It takes a bit of time to get the right movement to hit by the fish, but it does the best topwater bites.

This topwater bass frog lure comes in good body shape with recessed hooks on both sides of the belly. Somehow, the design enhances the hooking ability of the lures. Its prop feet splash water nicely to produce enough noises to grab the attention of the bass.

It could be a great choice for both professionals and beginners while targeting predator fish. It suits both marine and freshwater. Grab the prop frog bass lures for more fun.

#6 LENPABY Bass Frog Lure Topwater Fishing Crankbait

Frog Topwater Fishing Crankbait For Bass

The five pieces of soft frog baits look and act like live frogs hopping across vegetation. They all have sharp weedless hooks with a soft plastic body that is easily collapsible. It can fight with any crazy bass strikes efficiently.

It moves easily through the weedy areas and can be retrieved from any heaviest vegetation. The two skirts swim like real frogs and are great for moving in shallow water loaded with weeds and junk. It should be a choice for bass anglers as bass love the lures most.

The awesome frog lure set comes in a handy tackle box and is too much worthy for your money. Try with a medium-heavy rod and braided line to move these crankbaits through lily pads for the best result.

#7 G.S YOZOH Bass Frog Lures Topwater Fishing Lures

G.S YOZOH Frog Lures Topwater For Bass

It is another best frog lure to catch a tank of largemouth bass or salmon. The four pieces of soft swimbait baits come with a portable box for your convenience. Its size is good to catch bigger fish and is suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing.

These are nice weedless frogs and effectively float on the water. They come in different colors for different spot fishing. All four frog baits are well-made with silicone soft bodies and carbon steel hooks.

The lures offer a life-like swimming action with those skirts to attract the bass efficiently. The legs can be cut down shorter for more flexibility in catching big fish. It can be a great gift for beginners and professional bass anglers.

#8 Supertrip Topwater Frog Tackle Crank Bait Bass

Supertrip Topwater Frog Crankbait Tackle Crank Bait Bass

Meet with another topwater bass frog lure that moves incredibly well through thick weeds and lily pads. It is nearly weedless and provides live frog swimming actions in water.

The six-piece of soft swimbait is well-made with durable plastic and a sharp recessed hookset. They have enough strength and weight to catch larger fish. These bass frog lures have a small round lead weight on the bottom that helps to keep them upright. Thus, they add a bit of weight to ensure successful casting.

It is surely one of the best quality frog lures for bass fishing. The only downside I’ve found on this swimbait is that it fills with water sometimes, but squeezing the lures gets the water out completely.

#9 Booyah Poppin’ Pad Crasher

Booyah Poppin' Pad Crasher

It is probably the best bass frog bait for the money. The pop action works great as a hard pop. It is light to weigh yet comes with top-quality and casts far enough to reach the weedy areas. The hollow body frog lures come with vibrant colors along with the skirts on the back.

Its soft body easily collapses while hits by the big fish and can withstand larger bass striking. Its weedless design helps to move the bait well through weedbeds. The colorful appearance grabs attention quickly for hungry topwater bass eaters.

Make sure your line doesn’t get wear away after each fish otherwise it will snap. Putting the frog bait on a braided line works great for me. Happy fishing!

#10 Spotlip Double Propellers Frogs Lure Soft Bait

Spotlip Double Propellers Frogs Lure

Are you looking for double propeller frogs on a budget?- Try this artificial fishing lure set that comes in a variety of colors. It is equipped with an integrated hookset to easily collapse the soft body to withstand perfectly the bass strikes.

Their spin foot splashes water to make noise on the topwater and move like real frogs to grab the attention of the giant fish. It works great for targeting musk, pike, bass, walleye, redfish, and much more giants. The bass frog lure set is also suitable for both freshwater and marine both.

Its weed-free design allows easy retrieval, re-enter on the topwater, and start stirring efficiently. Overall, it’s a great prop frog lure for professional bass anglers and beginners.

Buying Guide for Frog Lures

Types of frog lure or bait

The best topwater frog lures come in the following different categories:

Hollow body frogs:

The hollow body frog lures come with a soft, flexible rubber body, and a dual recessed hook. The body of the bait shakes against the hook that makes it weedless. It is soft enough to collapse instantly while hits a fish to hook it perfectly.

Its soft rubber body gives a realistic look of a frog that also can float on the water. Anglers can reel fast and slow down it to attract bass like crazy. It is the most exciting bass fishing tactic.

Hard-plastic frogs:

The hard plastic frogs feature realistic frog bodies and colors to appear like live frogs. They feature extremely sharp hooks that hitch in wood or grass cover. The action used for this technique is known as the side-to-side movement of the spinning reel where the fishing rod works in a certain manner.

The hard plastic frog fishing is worked well on ponds or smaller waters. These areas often lack shad and other baitfish, make frog lures a big part of the bass diet.

Popping frogs:

While hollow-bodied frog tends to have more angularly shaped heads to fly through dense mats, popping frogs are made for more open water environments with more horticultural plants.

They come with a curved or cupped head to pop efficiently through the open water. Popping happens the water to splashes and noises that entice the bass at attractive distances.

Soft-plastic frogs:

The soft body frogs are made of soft rubber materials that are weedless and perfect for zones with weeds, plants, and grasses. It works just opposite of a hollow body frog. These soft body frog lures tend to sink a bit below the surface. They feature kicking or swimming legs as well.

Anglers reel at a mid-pace to fast by holding the fishing rod in position to buzz and swim the soft frog lures across the water. But, when they pause the reel it sinks like a shocked live frog.


Options for frog lures


The colors of frog lures come from natural colors to more obvious, attractive options for bass. When choosing a color, it is helpful to know what kind of water you will fish in.

With dark, deadly water you may want to use a brighter, more vibrant color to attract the bark. In clear, bright water you can choose a more subtle, natural tone.

Choose a bright and vibrant color option for your frog lures if you like to work with dark, deadly water. Make your choice in the lure of natural colors for clear water. Natural colors consist of green, brown, and yellow.

  • Choose green for fishing in clear water.
  • Brown frogs work best during the day and at certain times of the year when the bass remain active.
  • Use yellow frog lures on a cloudy day.

If less vegetation out there, natural color frog lures work best and looks natural to attract the bass effectively.


Legs come in two different ways in frog lures. Either it shapes like real frog legs or synthetic skirts. To make more realistic frog lures they come with two synthetic skirts to match with real frog legs.


Frog lures are not likely the sinking bait; they used to float on the water as live frogs do. It helps to attract the bass to strike the big fish easily.


The best bass frog lure has to be smaller in size, otherwise larger bait may splashes and noises more to frighten fish away from hitting. Some anglers also love larger bait, if it provides the exact amount of splash to attract bass to strike. The size largely depends on the water zone you would like to fishing.


A baitcasting reel offers high-speed and multiple casts in a manner to be the choice for frog fishing. Baitcasters come with a more lightweight reel than spinning reel and equip with a high-speed ratio to work best with the frog fishing tactics. It offers fast retrieving and re-casting quickly.

It should have a strong braking system with a decent drag to experience less backlash and tangling.

Other Considerations

Frog action:


It mostly depends on the water type and conditions you would like to fish in. For larger open water, I would recommend using a walking frog for the betterment. For shallow water where requires surface distraction, choose a frog lure that pops up.


Frog lures should be light to weigh as they need to float on the water surface. Also, remember to consider the minimal weight needs to cast effortlessly.


Frog fishing happens in and around natural cover, which requires a sturdy and durable line to hold by the spool. So, it’s a must to avoid a mono-line and go for a braided line of 50 lbs. The weight ensures the strength of lines that anglers required to steer the weeds. The durable braided line also prevents breaking down while fighting with large bass.

Best Bass Frog Lure FAQs

What is a frog lure?

It’s a soft-shaped topwater bait with controlled and upturned hooks that works well in weeds or open water. The body splits into hooksets, releasing hooks and allowing them to enter the bass’s jaws. There is also a different type of frog that comes with kicking legs and is known as a toad.

What kind of rods do frogs use?

Frog fishing works better with medium-heavy to heavy power and fast action fishing rods. Consider a fishing rod that has enough strength and easiness to hold the frog and hook the big fish faster.

Many professional anglers suggest using baitcaster rods for a durable one that offers multiple fast casting. The rod length should be from 6’10” to 7’4″.

Why use a frog lure over other lures?

Using a frog bait for bass fishing generates a lot of disturbance on top of the water to bring the bass out naturally. It also prevents hang-ups in heavy cover.

While fishing cupped mouth frog lure designed for the “Walking the Dog” fishing style, it brings so much fun and excitement to the fishermen. The method causes the lure to unwittingly and randomly go side to side by reeling fast enough. This fishing technique is mostly used in open water with a dense cover at the bottom. The fishing style motion and curved mouth frog driving water create noise so bass will blow up.

On the other hand, when fishing heavy mats, anglers can reel quickly across the top and slow it down once the frog lure reaches the edge of the cover. The way gives time to a bass to react by creating a realistic frog hopping look from one pad to another.

The frog lure fishing technique helps you bringing more big fish in the boat and provides utmost excitement to the fishermen.

What is the best time to use a frog lure for bass?

Frog is one of the best bass baits but you need to know the right time for frog fishing is a must. It does not work efficiently all the time of the year. The best for frog bass fishing is through the fall of most parts of the country from the beginning of summer. If the temperatures turn above sixty-eight degrees, it’s the best time to use a frog lure for bass.

In some regions, anglers find successful frog fishing in late spring.

How do you catch bass with frog lure?

Frog lures are specially designed to work over vegetation or weed mats. It’s not like the sinkbait, the weedless and lightweight frog lures slide over the vegetation and can float on the surface. The following video will help you find the best way to catch bass with a frog lure.

Bonus tips:

Trim your frog’s skirts so it can prevent the bass from striking short the lure. Make one skirt longer than the other ones ensures the frog walks back and forth easier on topwater.

Do topwater frogs work at night?

The answer is certainly yes, and topwater frogs are one of my favorite lures to use while bass fishing at night. According to my personal experience, a popping frog works best for big bass fishing at night time.

Make sure you’ve used a heavy fishing rod, high-speed gear ratio baitcaster, and at least a 50-pound braided line for the best results. The color of the frog lure doesn’t mean a lot at night for me as well as the bass. But, topwater frog works well at nighttime bass fishing.


For a certain time of the year, topwater frogs become the funniest and effective lure for bass fishing. We’ve compiled the best bass frog lures to ensure more success for the anglers. We also make this list reasonable for both beginners and professional bass anglers.

Now make your wise decision by choosing the right color option, size, and weight of the lures. If you have any confusion, read our buying guide and FAQs to remove them.

Once you’ve got the right one from our list, enjoy catching some bass right out there!

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