12 Best Hiking Flashlight Reviews 2022

Best Hiking Flashlight

Can you imagine going on a hiking trip without the best hiking flashlight? I’m sure you can’t!

A good flashlight is essential for our adventurous voyage. It is impossible to walk or camp at night if you don’t have it.

You should opt for the finest hiking flashlight that is bright, durable, and convenient to carry in your backpack.

Many hikers utilize hiking flashlight headlamps for them, but you really need an outdoor torch for yourself. One of the benefits of having a flashlight is that you can point it anywhere you want. However, with headlamps, you must crane your neck in a precise direction, which is really painful.

It’s a pain to research and find the greatest camping flashlight on the market! However, guess what? We made things simple for you.

We compiled a list of the top hiking flashlights on the market today. You will know which one is best for you after reading the entire review. Let’s get this party started!

Best Hiking Flashlights 2022

#1 LED Tactical Flashlight S1000: The Best Hiking Flashlight

Flashlights, LED Tactical Flashlight S1000

The S1000 is the greatest affordable flashlight on the market. It is both watertight and impact resistant.

S1000 will stand out for you whether you’re at work or camping in the woods. A flashlight with an adjustable focus is a huge plus. It adds so much value to our adventures, especially when we go hiking.

If you’re searching for a low-cost flashlight, this is the one to acquire. Its primary features will enhance your user experience!

Key features: 

  • Focus can be adjusted
  • Waterproof
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Cutting-edge control technology
  • Aluminum of Military Grade

#2 outlite A100 Portable 2000 Lumens Handheld LED Flashlight

outlite A100 Portable 2000 Lumens Handheld LED Flashlight

This outlite flashlight provides a powerful light in a small package.

It’s a great item to have on hand for your barn night, and it’s small enough to fit in your purse. Its various light strengths and adjustable focus make it an excellent tool for hiking in low light or camping in the woods. It includes a variety of functionalities as well as excellent LED lights. As hikers, we all understand how important portability is. You won’t have to worry about running out of space in your backpack with this flashlight!

You won’t believe how cheap this A100 LED flashlight is. It will outperform your expectations. Purchasing this flashlight will be a fantastic value for any hiker!

Key features: 

  • Water-resistant
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Anti-slip design
  • Focus Adjustment
  • Mini Size Portability

#3 Hatori Super Small Mini LED : Best Mini Hiking Flashlight

Hatori Super Small Mini LED

The Hatori extremely compact mini LED flashlight is designed for use in extreme conditions such as storms, floods, power outages, earthquakes, and other natural catastrophes.

It may be used for a variety of activities at once, including fishing, hiking, hunting, and exploration. It boasts an extra-hard anodized-aluminum body that resists scratches and improves grip capability.

The name implies that it is a MINI LED flashlight that is both convenient and portable. It is an ideal present for any occasion for a father, husband, wife, scout, or college student.

Key features:

  • Small size
  • Stylus and Slim
  • A Sharply Focused Beam
  • Belt Buckle
  • Water-Resistant

#4 Streamlight 88087 ProTac 90 Right-Angle Torch Light

Streamlight 88087 ProTac 90 Right-Angle Light

The Streamlight 88087 ProTac 90 is an excellent adventure flashlight.

It will fit comfortably in the palm of the normal person’s hand. Its excellent appearance and functionality set it apart from other flashlights on the market. It also contains changeable three program modes, a momentary mode option, dual fuel (1 AA or 1 CR123A battery) compatibility, a 90° Angle Light, and a dual-direction (2-way) clip.

To summarize, the main question remains whether the purchase was worthwhile or not. I believe so. It is an excellent product for both uses and as a gift.

Key features:

  • Pocket clip that can be removed
  • Multi-function
  • Tail switch with a push button
  • Lens made of impact-resistant borofloat glass
  • AR sprayed

#5 STANLEY SL3HS 600 Lumen Lithium Ion Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

STANLEY SL3HS 600 Ion Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

The STANLEY SL3HS 600 is great for outdoor activities, projects, power outages, and emergencies.

It has an ultra-bright LED main beam and 8 ambient LEDs in Halo Mode, making it extremely dazzling in the dark. The biggest benefit of this flashlight is that it can be recharged. This flashlight charges rapidly and easily.

It has 5 illumination modes: full, high, low, and halo, which uses 6 LED lights in different regions. A tough pistol-grip handle with a trigger lock provides a secure and comfortable grip, and the lightweight design makes it simple to operate.

When we go camping, we all want a flashlight that is both practical and portable. This STANLEY SL3HS meets those needs admirably. As a result, it’s a good buy!

Key feature: 

  • 5 Watt LED that is really bright
  • Halo mode with 8 ambient LEDs that saves power
  • Runtime of up to 10 hours
  • Trigger Modes: All/High/Low/Halo/Off
  • The lithium-ion battery can be charged for up to a year.
  • Bezel with a heavy robust construction
  • Hands-free use with a pivoting/collapsible stand

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#6 Hausbell Led Flashlight

Hausbell Led Flashlight

The Hausbell flashlight offers a plethora of useful features at a reasonable price.

Can you expect much from a pair of flashlights that cost less than $13? You certainly can! Hausbell flashlights have made it feasible to utilize a pair of flashlights with a steady stream of smooth light at a low cost. The flashlight is loaded with capabilities and even has different power sources. It is a useful flashlight that is intended for budget-conscious user who requires a high-quality flashlight at a reasonable cost.

This best outdoor flashlight is well worth the money!

Key features:

  • 5 Various Light Models
  • The Beam Can Be Focused and Zoomed
  • Glass-based lens
  • Resistant to water and shock
  • Heavy and solid metal construction.

#7 WdtPro Super Bright Flashlight S3000

WdtPro Super Bright Flashlight S3000

The Wdt. Pro is the most powerful LED flashlight on the market.

It is compact, lightweight, and long-lasting. It is small and compact enough to fit in your pocket. This flashlight is extremely bright, making it ideal for night camping and low-light hiking. It has a lovely aluminum body and is a terrific adventurous product that you can take with you.

If you enjoy hiking and trekking, this WdtPro S3000 flashlight is ideal for you. Its extreme brightness distinguishes it from other items on the market.

Key features: 

  • PDO Technology for High Luminosity
  • There are three modes and the camera can be zoomed in and out.
  • Tough & Waterproof
  • Construction that is both heavy and solid
  • Abrasion-Resistant And Long-Lasting

#8 Dorcy 55 Lumen Floating LED Flashlight 

Dorcy 55 Lumen Floating LED Flashlight

If you have a waterproof flashlight that can float in water, you can use it. Isn’t that incredible?

Yes, this Dorcy 55 lumen LED flashlight is built so that it will not sink in water. We have no idea what to expect when we go on expeditions. In a pinch, this small flashlight could come in helpful. It is made of high-quality materials, making it a durable product.

Dorcy’s 55 lumens LED flashlight includes a tail cap carbineer that allows you to effortlessly attach the flashlight to your belt or backpack. It’s a fantastic feature to have in a flashlight. It could be a useful gift for your loved ones.

Key features:  

  • Waterproof and floatable design
  • Rubber wraps around the head and torso to cushion shock.
  • Design that is tough
  • Impact-resistant

#9 AIDIER A7 Edc Keychain Led Flashlight

AIDIER A7 Edc Keychain Led Flashlight

One of the top waterproof keychains LED flashlights on the market is the AIDIER A7 Keychain LED Flashlight.

Isn’t it cool to have a flashlight that also serves as a keychain? I’m sure it is. This LED flashlight is extremely portable and lightweight. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket! This flashlight will provide you with that much convenience. Don’t overlook it just because it’s small! This LED flashlight has three modes and is quite bright.

This small light will meet and exceed all of your expectations! It is highly convenient and comfortable to use, and you will undoubtedly have a positive user experience.

Key features: 

  • CREE LEDs are unique.
  • Waterproof to IPX8
  • Resistance to Impact
  • Size is comfortable.

#10 Phixton Tactical & Military WT-04 rechargeable Flashlight

Phixton Tactical & Military WT-04 rechargeable Flashlight

100% original LED chip, brighter, and lasts longer than you’d expect!

It is built of tough aluminum, which makes it both sturdy and waterproof (But cannot be in the water for a long time). You can adjust the focus and spotlight by pushing and pulling on the head.

To change modes, lightly push the switch. This rechargeable flashlight comes with packaging that contains everything you need. This flashlight is ideal for outdoor emergencies such as camping and hiking. This is our pick for the best tactical flashlight.

Key features:

  • Waterproof
  • Handheld zoomable and adjustable
  • It includes a rechargeable battery.
  • Focus can be adjusted
  • Aluminum Alloy is a long-lasting material.

#11 MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

The Meco hand-cranking solar-powered flashlight uses relatively little energy.

It includes a rechargeable battery that stores the extra charge generated by cranking the flashlight. It’s very light and easy to transport. With a hand-cracking device, you can quickly power it up. It’s not particularly light since energy is being conserved for long-term use. However, because it is incredibly energy efficient, you may easily use it for a longer amount of time.

It is relatively affordable for any user to purchase and use, thus it can be utilized by anyone. It can also make an excellent gift!

Key feature:

  • Solar Panel And Rechargeable Battery
  • Cranking Time: 10 Minutes to 1 Minute
  • Handle with a Carabiner
  • Pack of 2
  • Three Different Colors
  • Simple to transport

#12 Energizer High-Powered LED Headlamp Flashlights

Energizer High-Powered LED Headlamp Flashlights

This Energizer Headlamp is reasonably priced and well-made.

It has seven different light modes: high, low, broad, wide low, red, flashing red, and green. You’ll have ideal lighting in any setting thanks to the varied modes. The settings are simple to change by tapping one of the two buttons on top of the lamp.

This item is designed specifically for night hikers and campers. In low light mode, it can last up to 50 hours. So that you can have the dependable power and lighting you require in an emergency.

If you enjoy night camping, this is the headlight for you! Because it lasts so long, it can also be used as a backup power source.

Key features: 

  • Led Light is Extremely Bright
  • Maximum Longevity
  • 7 Adaptable Modes
  • Long Running Time

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Know Before Buying The Best Hiking Flashlight

Hiker frequently ventured into the deep forest at night, when darkness ruled the entire territory. The only way to overcome the darkness is to use a good hiking flashlight or headlamp. Hikers should have it on their list of must-have items.

Type Of Flashlight

However, with so many outdoor equipment brands to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best hiking flashlight. They provide a plethora of options for hikers, but the complications begin right there.

As a result, we’ve created a guide to help you easily find the best flashlight for your hiking needs.

Flashlight Types

Portable flashlights:

outlite A100 Portable 2000 Lumens Handheld LED Flashlight

These flashlights are small and easy to hold. A few handheld models are water and impact-resistant, so you can keep it in your hands in any situation. They are tough enough to withstand rough hiking terrain.

The only issue is that keeping it in your hands for long-distance hikes will bind your one hand. It is possible to solve this problem by purchasing a model with a wrist strap. As a result, you can hang it to get top-down illumination without carrying it in your hands.


hiking Headlamp
Courtesy: Hokolite

It’s a hands-free flashlight option for hikers that comes with a headband and an over-the-head strap. To get in front illumination, place the flashlight directly on your forehead while keeping your hands free.

They are also compact and convenient, though they are not particularly comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. In any case, in fewer models, you can adjust the angle of the light for your convenience.

If you believe a headlamp is right for you, make sure the headband is made for long-term use. Continuous sweating can put a strain on low-quality elastics.

Clip-on backpack lights:

The backpack light comes with a clip for attaching it to the shoulder. They are a good option for those who do not want something to rest on their brow and prefer to keep their hands free. It’s the best option for backpacking if you want to spend a lot of time in the dark.


Flashlights, in general, use three different types of batteries. Let’s look at the comparison:

best backpacking flashlight
  • Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable:

The most common flashlight battery is NiMH. They are popular among hikers because they can be recharged using a USB cable. Hikers do not have to worry about going out to buy disposable batteries while on a hiking trip.

The only drawback to these batteries is that they lose charge when not in use.

  • Lithium:

It is the most expensive hiking flashlight battery option. They can withstand cold weather and hold a charge longer than any other battery type.

  • Alkaline:

These are the most common batteries (AAs or AAAs) that we’ve used on a daily basis. Alkaline batteries can hold a charge even when not in use and are the most dependable backup option for hikers.

The most recent hiking flashlight comes with rechargeable battery models as well as the ability to work with traditional alkaline batteries.

It is preferable to keep some with the hikers in case of emergency.

Charging Ports:

If you choose a rechargeable flashlight or headlamp, make sure it charges quickly and has multiple charging options, including a USB port. It would be preferable if the lamp also ran on alkaline batteries.

If you enjoy going out with a battery-powered model, remember to bring as many as you think you’ll need to complete the journey.

Dimensions and weight

It is critical to choose a small and lightweight flashlight, especially if you are going on an overnight trek.

Generally, battery-powered models are heavier, as is the case material. Consider a lightweight case material that will seal the deal for you. I’d go with titanium because it’s a little lighter than stainless steel.


It is critical to inspect the bulb quality inside the flashlight you intend to buy. LED bulbs are more effective as hiking flashlights because they emit a bright light that effectively dispels darkness.

Best Outdoor Flashlight

Also, consider the brightness of the bulb, which is frequently advertised loudly by manufacturers. Remember that the more lumens you have, the brighter the light. Lumen is the unit of measurement for the total amount of light emitted by any given source of light.


Consider a well-made flashlight made of a sturdy and lightweight material for maximum durability. Some models, such as tactical flashlights, include drop-tests, which are an excellent indicator of durability.

To withstand the rough terrain and weather conditions, a long-lasting light source is required.


It is the most important feature to look for in a hiking flashlight. It depends on your trekking goals and terrain.. Remember that cheaper models may not be able to keep water out of the battery compartment.

Before you make a decision, you should be aware of the following state of the waterproof level:

  • IPX4: This level of water resistance can withstand light rain.
  • IPX5/6: It can withstand heavy rain but not submersion.
  • IPX7: An IPX7 flashlight can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without being damaged.
  • IPX8: This is the highest level of water resistance. An IPX8 light can be submerged for up to 4 hours without being damaged.

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Beam Type and Distance

There are two types of beams that determine how the light spreads. They are spot and flood. Also, make sure your light has an adjustable beam depth for use in a variety of situations and locations.


Red-light mode: This is a useful feature that allows you to see without destroying your night vision with bright LED light.

SOS flash: It is popular in flashlights nowadays. It will allow you to continuously signal your location without depleting your battery power.

Battery-Powered vs. USB-Rechargeable Flashlights

It makes no difference whether you use rechargeable or alkaline batteries in your flashlight; both will run out of power after a while. It is the most common factor in both types of batteries. For more information, consider the following pros and cons of each type:

AAA batteries:

  • Always ready to use right out of the pack
  • It is not so expensive to pack in bulk for hiking.
  • No need to worry about disposal, and no need to replace parts if the battery dies on its own.
  • Not very environmentally friendly
  • Limited charging capacity
  • Potential hazards are actually in contact with the elements.

The primary distinction between AAA and AA batteries is that AA batteries are used in devices that require extra power.

Rechargeable batteries:

  • It costs more than AAA batteries but saves money in the long run.
  • Because rechargeable batteries do not need to be disposed of, they are environmentally friendly.
  • Depends on the quality, lasts longer
  • Sealed better to reduce the risk of water damage
  • Requires an electrical outlet to recharge
  • Not ideal for long hikes
  • Charging necessitates the use of an additional USB cable


A good hiking flashlight is an essential feature of any backpacking trip. Hiking or camping at night is a lot of fun, but it’s also scary and dangerous. To avoid getting into danger, bring a flashlight with you.

We’ve researched some of the best hiking flashlights on the market to help you on your adventurous adventure. There are some low-cost flashlights, some that are easy to carry, and some that are really brilliant. Choose the one that best meets your needs.

A fantastic flashlight can be of tremendous use as well as a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

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