Best Salmon Landing Net: Top 7 In 2022

Fishing requires a bundle of equipment to catch or release fish effortlessly. But, the frustration comes when you just failed to land your catch. It is hard to reel fishes in without the perfect landing net. Are you looking for the best salmon landing net in 2022?

best salmon net

Well, salmon nets need to be large that you can handle the landing perfectly with no issues at all.

It’s better to have a fishing net with a bow of 36 inches that performs well for a salmon-sized fish. The bag should be deep at least 36 inches or 48 inches for betterment.

A longer handle than the standard size is recommended for landing a salmon. Considering a 6 inches handle will be better for all types of fishing.

Fish landing nets are one of the most necessary fishing equipment beside the spinning reel and rod that is used to bring the fish in the boat or kayak. It is difficult to remove it from the water without the right one.

In this article, we’ve compiled the best salmon net reviews to reduce the misfortune of anglers. Let’s dig into it.

Best Salmon Landing Net Reviews 2022

1. StowMaster TS94IM Tournament Series Precision Landing Net

best salmon landing net

The brand name means it stows in any size boat easily. It’s a StowMaster Tournament Series Precision landing net that can be folded to store conveniently. The telescoped landing net bag is made of rubber-dunked nylon mesh for the utmost durability. The bag is 36 inches deep and knotless that ensures fewer tangles.

Its protective coating is well for fish’s skin and perfect for catching and releasing safely. The large hoop size is great for netting big muskies and salmon. It folds gently and opens whenever you demand it. If you are a salmon angler, you will love the netting material with a sturdy and ergonomic handle.

Product Highlight:

  • 30 * 32 inches large hoop with 94 inches length
  • Great for netting large muskies and salmon
  • Portable size: 16 * 55 inches
  • Net depth: 36 inches
  • Made in the USA

2. KUFA SPORTS FC7052 Retractable Aluminum Rubber Mesh Net

best landing net for salmon

It’s nicely built and great for netting medium-sized game fish salmon. I got it for my elder brother who loves steelhead and salmon fishing and he loves the huge net. He has tested the net with a 25 lbs salmon in it and works great.

The overall construction is good and comes with rubber mesh netting. It has a sturdy handle to perfectly deal with medium-sized salmon but a bit difficult with a full-length or heavy fish. The only problem we’ve found the net without studs for locking it while storing it in the boat.

Product Highlight:

  • Large aluminum pole handle with rubber coating
  • Retractable handle
  • Overall 7’8” length
  • 20 * 27 hoop size
  • Net depth 22 inches
  • Rubber coated for safely catch and release
  • Heavy-duty rubberized mesh

3. PLUSINNO Telescopic Fish Landing Net For Salmon

PLUSINNO Fishing Net Fish Landing Net

The PLUSINNO landing net is large enough to catch any fish out there. I’ve found it big enough for mid-sized salmon so far used it for catching in my place. It can be a great telescopic landing net for both fly and bass fishermen.

The telescoping handle folds up to easily carry it if you are going for backpacking or so. It’s a complete rubber net and the material is hook-proof for most of the time. It also protects the hooks from being snagged. I would recommend it as the perfect multi-purpose fishing net for landing any fish.

The PLUSINNO landing net meets all your need for salmon, trout, steelhead, and bass.

Product Highlight:

  • Four different hoop sizes from 12 inches to 20 inches
  • Telescopic pole handle for easy storage
  • Fiberglass pole with carbon fiber mixed
  • Rubberized nylon mesh net
  • Skid-resistant EVA handhold
  • Non-absorbent coating net makes it waterproof and odorless
  • Ultra-lightweight handle
  • Easily portable
  • Choose the bigger size for capturing salmon

4. BLISSWILL Large Fishing Net Collapsible

BLISSWILL Large Fishing Net Collapsible Fish Landing Net

It is one of the top fish landing nets I’ve ever used. It is big enough for netting 40 lbs or 50 inches fish with no issues. The size is compact for such a large net and great for kayak fisher. The BLISSWILL net is perfect for saltwater fishing as well. It also can keep a larger grouper of 50 lbs perfectly.

The net hoop is made of E-glass that ensures higher quality. It is coated perfectly to being tangle-free. Its retractable aluminum landing net ensures a compact fishing net for larger fishes. The solid construction makes the net durable and sturdy.

It works great for both salt and fresh water. If you would like to land bigger salmon, definitely try this one for maximum comfort and functionality.

Product Highlight:

  • Strong nylon deep mesh style
  • Skid-resistant PVC material handhold
  • Corrosion-resistant and rustproof
  • Easy to store and portable
  • It can easily net large fishes
  • Safe for catching and releasing both

5. Frabill Wade Net Tear Drop Hoop for Landing Salmon

Frabill Wade Net Tear Drop Hoop

Frabill is the name of perfection for fisher since 1938. But, It was a bit difficult to find a large salmon landing net from this best brand. I’ve found this wade net with a tear-drop hoop that comes with enough depth for netting salmon. Still, it is not good for landing a large salmon so be aware of purchasing one.

The handle is fixed and a bit short for a few users. It can limit their ability to net fish effectively. The overall construction is good with a tangle-free micro – mesh net. Its net material is good for both catching and releasing fish safely.

I loved the clip for attaching with a vest or belt to secure the salmon net while fishing.

Product Highlight:

  • High-quality micromesh net
  • 15 inches net depth
  • Fixed rubber handle 7.5 inches
  • Teardrop hoop for a safe landing
  • The landing is great for salmon and other river game fish
  • 19 * 25 inches hoop size

6. Shulemin Triangle Foldable Fishing for Salmon

Shulemin Triangle Foldable Fishing for Salmon

One of my angler buddies strongly suggested me to test this net for landing salmon. It is good for netting salmon and the size is compact to carry in a boat, or kayak. This floating net works great for fresh or saltwater as well.

The mesh is rubber-coated and net material is tangle-free and odor resistant. Its sturdy handle is constructed with light to weigh aluminum material. I would strongly suggest this folding fishing net for any fishermen for catching and releasing fish effortlessly. The mesh size is perfect for salmon.

It can be folded into small pieces along with the head for easy portability. The price is extremely low to get such a strong and quality salmon landing net. It also works great for few other species like walleye, catfish, trout and bass fishing.

Product Highlight:

  • It’s a quality rubber-coated hanging nylon net
  • Triangular shape net is foldable and lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • 11.81 inches net depth approximately
  • Compact size for easy maneuver
  • Great for both young and advanced fisher

7. Ed Cumings Salmon and Steelhead Net

Ed Cumings Salmon and Steelhead Net

It’s the best salmon net that comes with a retractable handle. The fishing net has a strong bow to land fish like salmon or salmon-sized fish perfectly. This Ed Cumings landing net is compact and lightweight enough for easy maneuvering. I found most salmon and steelhead anglers like this net while sporting.

The superb handle can be placed in your boat easily that can be deployed right away you need it. If you are looking for a good salmon net for your next fishing, this is for you.

Product Highlight:

  • 21 1/2″ x 27″ Bow
  • 36 inches Handle
  • 36″ Depth
  • Heavy-duty bow with a sturdy handle
  • Great for landing salmon and steelhead
  • Perfectly gripped for easily maneuvering

Factors To Know Before Buying Salmon Landing Net

Before purchasing a net for landing salmon, trout or other similar fish, you should be aware of some critical factors. These factors will assist you in selecting the best product from a plethora of options on the market.


I would suggest a mesh fishing net for landing salmon or heavier fishes instead of nylon nets. The rubber nets becoming popular day by day that is made of mesh and coated in silicone. There are a few benefits of this rubber net, the mesh dries quickly and doesn’t absorb water. The material also reduces the odor, and gentler on fish’s skin.


The silicone-coated rubber mesh also avoids tangling the net. It ensures the highest safety of your catches. A tangled net can be harmful to the fish’s skin and it becomes hard to release them. So, choose a mesh material that is equipped with anti-tangle technology for the utmost durability and functionality.

Style of Fishing Net

Where you’ve used to fishing means the necessity of different sized net. Likewise, you require a longer handle fishing net for boat fishing trips in lake or sea shore. It will be better to have a shorter handle landing net for rivers and streams.

If standing in water, keep avoiding a long handle that may be out of control for you most of the times you’ve caught something. I would suggest a convenient style landing net if you’re fishing on a boat and close to the surface of the water. The compact style is good to keep it on your belt or so.

A true fisher knows the number of equipment he requires for fishing. So, I think it’s not necessary to think about a great portable fishing net. Although, you can consider having foldable landing nets that are easy to store and demands less room from you.

The last thing you should have to remember if you’re frequently fishing in rivers and deep water, make sure your fishing net floats on the water instead of sinking forever. Also, remember to choose a large and deep landing net if you would like to catch big salmon.

Salmon Net Size

First, you need to determine the hoop size that is depended on the type of fish you want to catch. If you love to catch different species in a manner,  a single hoop size wouldn’t be enough for you. You may consider a teardrop shape for the utmost versatility. Having this shape also helps you get the bait out of curved-sided buckets easily even on a cold day.

Now consider the depth that ensures the fishing net can cover the fish you’ve caught. IT’s necessary to have enough depth for a salmon net so the tail never sticks in the air. Likewise, sufficient depth is required for reducing the chances of losing the fish as well. It will help you examine the fish before releasing them safely.

To catch larger fish like salmon requires a large net along with a sturdy and long handle. It helps you to easily maneuver such a large net without bending the net with a large salmon in it.

Shape Of Net

Fishing nets are commonly available in the following shapes:

Teardrop & Circle Nets:

Salmon landing net tear drop

These fishing nets come of 10 to 12 inches that are great for catching smaller fishes.


The over-shaped nets come of 15 to 18 inches that is good for big fishes. There are a few scoop-shaped nets that have a larger side than the opposite. They are great for aiding bigger or heavier fishes.

Flat-bottomed Nets:

These tend to be wider and deeper to add for extended space. This specific shape is used to examine the catches and release them safely.

Handle Length

Consider a long, sturdy, and landing net with extendable handle for fishing from a pontoon or dock. The distance from you and the water demands a long handle to reach your catch without failing to land it up. A salmon net should have a long and sturdy handle on that occasion.

If you are fishing in a small boat or standing in water, keep choosing a compact fishing net cause you are pretty close to the water. You can also choose a telescopic handle for easy storage.

Handle Material

You will find the most landing nets are constructed with soft and light-to-weight Aluminum material. If you’ve chosen an aluminum handle for a salmon landing net, remember it can’t take more than 10 lbs of weight before bending.

Never choose a heavyweight wooden handle because it will not last underwater for a while. It would be great to consider fiberglass composites material for a fishing net handle that comes with anti-corrosion coating for maximum durability and longevity.

Ergonomic Handle

It’s not only the weight to consider while choosing fishing nets for successful landing any species. The handle should be ergonomic to hold so you can perform it easier to reduce the chances of losing your catches.

If you are looking for salmon nets, an ergonomic handle is a must because of landing the heavyweight successfully every time. So, make sure your chosen one equips with a good grip that ensures the highest comfort while landing. A landing net with a comfortable grip helps to kill your misfortunes.

What makes a salmon net safe for the fish and fisher?

The salmon landing net is supposed to protect the fish and make easier the process of catching or releasing. A coated fishing net also be gentle on their skin and increase the success rate of releasing them back into the water. The right net for landing salmon saves your hand from sharp hooks as well.

So, look at these features before choosing the best fishing net. The way of considerations ensures the longevity of your new fishing net for landing salmon or salmon-sized fishes.

How to protect your fishing net from losing?

Fishing standing in water without attaching your landing net with somewhat else increases the possibility of losing your net. Some of the landing nets come with clips or attachments to protect them from losing.

It would be a great decision for the specific fisher to ensure the highest protection for their landing net. So, make sure your landing net has a clip or hook for attaching to your belt.

How to Net Salmon & Steelhead Safely?

After purchasing a salmon and steelhead landing net, you should be aware of how to use it safely and correctly for suitable landing. This video guide will show you how to use a net to safely land your fish.


It is a complete guide to choose the best salmon net fills with specific product reviews and considerations. All the fishing net we’ve compiled here to review is specially made for landing salmon. We’ve got opinions from the true salmon catcher to finalize our selection for you. Grab one from our list without thinking twice.

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