10 Best Kayak Paddle for Fishing

A kayak paddle is the most important piece of gear for a kayaker. It wraps into the kayaker’s hands for hours to move the boat across the water. So, you have to choose the one that works best for your purpose and is reliable for the next outing.

Kayaking is a great way out for getting a warm-up session for the fitness enthusiast. It is also familiar as a mobile platform for fishing in different locations with the right gears.

Choosing the best kayak paddle for fishing from the huge variety is a bit tough, which is where we’ve come up. They come in various lengths, types, blade shapes, and materials to choose from in the array.

So, we’ve made a guide to let you deliver the knowledge along with the best paddle reviews for kayak fishing. Let yourself dig into it and find the right paddle to drive to your next fishing zone.

Best Kayak Paddle for Fishing 2022

#1 WDAM 230cm/90.5in Kayak Paddle for Adults- for Fishing

WDAM 230cm/90.5in Kayak Paddle for Adults for Fishing

This two-piece kayak paddle comes in pretty well design and weight. It can balance the blade a couple of degrees to make paddling simpler. This one could be a great choice for both beginners and professional kayakers.

It’s durable and lightweight enough to use for a longer time with no pain in the hands at all. The paddle shaft is constructed with anodized aluminum that ensures easy gripping and maneuvering. Its feather blade helps to paddle faster and efficiently.

I would like to say about its convenient design that makes it easy to assemble or disassemble. So to say the storage is a breeze. It is completely floating on water and never holds water in its body so your hands or kayak can get wet.

You can use it on both rivers and lakes without a doubt. I must recommend it as one of the best fishing kayak paddles for adults who would like to spend more than four hours a day kayaking.

Product Highlight:

  • Black or white blade color
  • Adjustable paddle length: 214 to 230 cm
  • 91 sq in blade size
  • 3 position feathering
  • Anodized aluminum floatable hollow shaft
  • Fiberglass blade
  • Waterproof drip ring construction
  • 38.8 oz of weight
  • Soft gripping ensures less fatigue

#2 OCEANBROAD Kayak Fishing Paddle 250CM/98 Inches

OCEANBROAD Kayak Fishing Paddle 250CM/98 Inches

It’s an exceptional kayak paddle, designed for both fishing and recreation in mind. What differs it from other carbon fiber paddles is the bar, made with a bit of thinner material. Moreover, the paddle is sturdy and can retrieve any snagged lure.

The 250 cm longer paddle length cuts through the water nicely and fits best for 32 to 35 inches width of kayak. It also can balance the paddles both forwards and backward about 15 degrees. It makes paddling much easier.

The fishing kayak paddle is a bit lighter but sturdy to make your paddling efficient. It comes in a two-piece construction that ensures it’s easy to carry and assemble. It’s a fixed-length paddle that fits most adults but is a bit bigger for kids. Undoubtedly, it works fantastic in any condition.

Product Highlight:

  • Carbon fiber shaft
  • Fiberglass blade
  • 250 cm long kayak fishing paddle
  • Durable and light to weigh 37 oz
  • Two-piece kayak paddle
  • Portable
  • Free paddle leash for security
  • Drip rings on both ends to save your hands from getting wet

#3 Best Marine Kayak Fishing Paddle

Best Marine Kayak Fishing Paddle

The Marine kayak fishing paddle feels good in hands and is super light to weigh. It’s a nice paddle to start with for beginners. The 250 cm longer paddle is good for both wide fishing kayak and recreational kayak both.

The paddle cuts through the water effortlessly. Paddling with this featherlight carbon paddle less fatigue on your shoulders, and makes kayak fishing more enjoyable. One paddle blade out of the two comes with a hook retrieval notch & mini cutout, which is effective for removing lures from bad casts.

Overall, It’s a good kayak paddle for any kayaker. Its two-piece structure is good and easy to assemble and carry.

Product Highlight:

  • Carbon fiber made shafts
  • ABS plastic blades
  • 34 oz of weight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • 250 cm paddle length
  • Two-piece paddle for easy carry and storage
  • Two drip rings on each edge
  • Affordable
  • Blade size = 17″ x 6″

#4 Poseidon Angler Fishing Lightweight Kayak Paddle

Poseidon Angler Fishing Lightweight Kayak Paddle

The paddle works great and is sufficient to leave from a bank with no concern. The weight is a bit heavy but still lights enough to move a longer distance beyond the wind. Some complaint about the right side that is a bit oval, but I really appreciate it. It helps to do more efficient paddling for me.

The paddle is best for use on a fishing kayak. It comes with printed markings to measure fish. Also, one of the blades has a cutout to grip onto the line and can be used to escape tangles.

Overall, the paddle shaft is sturdy, durable, and feels good to grip in hands. It is also good for one-handed paddling.  It’s a bit heavy but for the price, you must say it is one of the best fishing kayak paddles for the money.

Product Highlight:

  • Fiberglass reinforced PP blade
  • Aluminum shaft
  • 42 oz of weight
  • 251.46 cm long
  • Feather angles: 0° & 60° (L or R)
  • Best paddle for kayak fishing

#5 The Catch Kayak Paddle for Fishing

The Catch Kayak Paddle for Fishing

It’s another great fishing paddle that fits anglers of all heights and 34 inches wide kayak. The paddle is extremely lightweight and the low-angle blades are large enough for efficient paddling. It helps to move the big kayak faster and smoothly.

It has superb handy and comfortable grip handles for fatigue-free paddling. The fishing paddle is strong and durable enough to withstand any condition. Moreover, it’s a fishing-ready gear that comes with hook retrieval, and measuring marks on the shaft. It’s a perfect gift for anglers.

Product Highlight:

  • 33.2 oz of weight
  • Low angle paddling blades
  • Cover most distances per stroke
  • Two-piece shaft with push button
  • Easy to store and portable
  • Fiberglass shaft with a comfortable grip
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon blades
  • 0° or 65° blade angle adjustment

#6 BENDING BRANCHES Angler Scout 2-Piece Kayak Fishing Paddle

BENDING BRANCHES Angler Scout 2-Piece Kayak Fishing Paddle

This fishing paddle comes in different sizes and colors for your convenience on Amazon. So, you can get the right paddle length from 220 to 250 cm. It’s another good fishing paddle with an aluminum shaft, which is a bit heavier regarding carbon and fiberglass construction.

But, it works best for an unforgiving fishing terrain, where those lightweight shafts could be broken out. The fiberglass-reinforced blades are durable and offer smooth paddling with less fatigue. The fishing paddle will drive the kayak in any condition.

Product Highlight:

  • Available paddle length options to choose from
  • A fishing ready paddle with printed measuring marks
  • Fiberglass reinforced blades
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Adjustable angles 0° and 60°, both hand control
  • 36 oz of weight
  • Easy to assemble the two-piece paddle
  • Easily portable
  • Made in the USA

#7 BENDING BRANCHES Angler Classic 2-Piece Fishing Kayak Paddle

best Fishing Kayak Paddle

It’s the best fishing paddle for the intermediate user under $300. This kayak paddle cuts through the water smoothly to make kayaking enjoyable for a longer time. It was like a daydream for me when I’ve used this paddle for the first time.

The paddling is easier with no fatigue in hands at all. It’s a bit heavier for the paddle length but well fits my wide fishing kayak and 6” height. The fiberglass pole is sturdy and comes with a drip ring on both sides to avoid cold water flow into the hands.

It also has a 3 holes snap-button ferrule to feather the angle 0 to 60 degrees. One of the blades comes with a hook for removing the lure stuck in somewhere easily. It’s a perfect kayak paddle for fishing with measuring marks on the pole.

Product Highlight:

  • Classic design fishing paddle
  • Offer a flutter-free stroke
  • Fiberglass reinforced blades
  • Ovalized grip to feel good in hands
  • Coated shaft
  • Hook retrieval notch
  • Paddle further distances with minimal effort
  • Two-piece for easy storage
  • Made in the USA

#8 Pescador Adjustable Kayak Fishing Paddle

Pescador Adjustable Kayak Fishing Paddle

This Perception Pescador kayak fishing paddle offers faster and less time paddling. The blade design helps to paddle faster and farther efficiently. It also offers maximum control of your kayak.

The adjustable shaft length helps to fit for multi-purposes kayaking. The construction is sturdy and extremely lightweight to use with any kayak. The strong blade is appropriate for calm to breezy and tough conditions.

Its 2-piece structure is equipped for a 0-20cm length that fits any kayak. The kayak fishing paddle additionally features a hook to retrieve stuck lures somewhere in the water. It’s the perfect kayak fishing paddle for adult anglers.

Product Highlight:

  • Sturdy fiberglass-reinforced pp blade construction
  • Smooth paddling with maximum control
  • Easy to maneuver heavier fishing kayaks
  • Adjustable aluminum paddle shaft from 230 to 240 cm
  • Measuring marks in the pole
  • Perfect blade for furtive strokes
  • Adjustable ferrule
  • 34 oz weight

#9 Crooked Creek 9-foot Fishing Kayak Paddle

Crooked Creek 9-foot Fishing Kayak Paddle

It’s a very good fishing paddle for kayak anglers. The paddle comes in a two-piece structure and connects strongly with the push button. It also has an adjustable ferrule with three-blade angles. Both the blades are equipped with a notch for removing lures from any stuck.

It has a 40 inches measuring tape to measure your catch. What more about this paddle can balance nicely and is not too heavy. The paddles come with a drip ring design that stops flowing cold water into the hands and your boat. It features a paddle leash to secure down the paddle for you as well.

Overall, it’s a great fishing paddle for kayak fishing.

Product Highlight:

  • Poly-fiber composite dihedral blade
  • Fiberglass shaft
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable grip
  • Measuring marks for your catch
  • 3.4 lbs of weight

#10 Carlisle Magic Angler Kayak Paddle

Carlisle Magic Angler Kayak Paddle

The Carlisle magic angler kayak paddle offers available sizes to choose from at Amazon. So, you can check for your size for the best fit. If you are confused about the right paddle length for your kayak, check out the sizing chart below.

It’s a nice responsive paddle that is well-made and lightweight enough. It has an adjustable ferrule system to angle the blades a bit for efficient paddling in the water. The blades are too much strong that you can use them to push away the kayak from the bank of a river or sea.

Overall, it’s an amazing paddle for kayak fishing that comes with the hook cutout and measuring marks on the handle.

Product Highlight:

  • J notch cutout in the blade
  • Glass-filled pp blades
  • Lightweight & durable blades
  • Slightly curved blade for smooth and efficient strokes
  • Wrapped fiberglass shaft
  • Strong and lightweight paddle shaft
  • Comfortable grip
  • Two-piece design
  • Easy to store and transport

How to Choose a Kayak Paddle for Fishing

The first and utmost thing of choosing a kayak paddle for fishing is the paddling and kayaking type you will do. Besides it, you should consider a few more things to choose the best paddle for fishing kayaks. We’ve gathered the required information for you in this article. Let’s dig into the facts for a convenient buying.

Paddle length

The beginner’s most asked question is about the right paddle length for them for kayak fishing. It’s an important decision to avoid a few complications while fishing on a kayak.

If you use a shorter paddle, it may hit your knuckles on the side of the kayak, or lean out of it for a clean stroke.

Otherwise, having a longer paddle requires much strain on your hands and shoulders. It also results in snaking through the water. So, what is the right paddle length for you?- It all depends on your height, width of the kayak, and paddling style.

We’ve made a chart about kayak paddle sizing guide in our FAQs section where you will find the right length idea according to your height and boat width.

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Paddling style

Kayak paddles come in two different paddling styles known as high-angle and low-angle blades.

High-angle paddling goes more vertically into the water that requires extra power and rhythm. It’s the better choice for whitewater kayaking, fast-flowing river kayaking, or any places that required tight mobility. Consider a shorter paddle for high-angle paddling to get the top performance.

If you would like to sea kayak fishing or leisure touring, low-angle padding is the best stroke to consider. It passes the maximum distance for each stroke you do with a longer paddle.

Low-angle paddling is the best option for kayak fishing that does not require so much fitness to handle that power stroke.

High angle vs low angle blades:

High angle paddling styleLow angle paddling style
Extra & taller surface areaPerform well with a shorter paddle
Less & thinner surface areaPair good with a longer paddle
Aggressive and strongest strokeRelaxed stroke
Perfect for tight maneuverabilityPerfect for long distance kayaking
Gives more resistance for every strokeGenerates less resistance for each stroke

Paddle blade shape

There are different sizes and shapes for paddle blades according to the using purposes. If fishing is the purpose, you need the all-purpose blade that also known as a recreational style blade. It has equipped with a narrower, longer shape with the torque and power of a whitewater surfing blade.

Feathered vs Unfeathered blade:

If blades are not in a similar position or angle on each end of the shaft, it’s referred to as a feathered blade. They are designed to perform efficient paddling strokes. The opposite angles of the two blades help to resist the air for allowing more effective paddling. But, it demands a strong pair of hands to control the paddling efficiently.

On the other hand, non-feathered blades come in the same position on both sides of the paddle shaft. So, it doesn’t require a pair of strong hands, where you can perform single-handle paddling with ease. It is the best option for kayak fishing.

If you would like to do paddling long distances often as you fish, a feathered blade could be the choice.

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Blade material

Kayak paddle blades come in three different materials mostly: plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. They all differentiate the energy level that you required for your paddling stroke.

The more quality materials you’ve chosen the more you save the weight of the blade. It may also price higher or lower according to both the shaft and blade materials. A lightweight blade is better for reducing paddling fatigue as well.

Plastic/Nylon/Aluminum bladesFiberglassCarbon Fiber
Great for beginners to start kayak fishingBest fishing kayak paddles for the moneyBest paddle for kayak fishing
InexpensiveMid-range pricePricey but worth the money
HeavyweightLighter than plastic bladesMost lightweight option

Kayak Paddle Shaft

If you would like to consider the best shaft for your kayak paddle, consider its material, feathering, and ferrule.

Shaft materials:

The shaft also comes in the same variety of materials for blades. They are priced and function according to their weight.

An aluminum shaft is a good choice for entry-level paddlers. They are well-made, strong, but much heavier to perform paddling. It should not the choice if you are planning for long-distance kayaking.

Yes, choose from fiberglass or carbon fiber materials while purchasing a kayak fishing paddle. Both the materials ensure stiff, durable, and lightweight kayak paddles for fishing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that shafts come in both straight and bent shapes. Bent shaft paddles are come with comfortable bending in the handle to keep your hands at a good angle. It’s better for paddling. It can be a good choice for whitewater kayaking but not for kayak fishing.

Best Kayak Paddle for Fishing


Shafts come in one-piece, two-piece, or more for the state of portability. But, a single-piece paddle is great for efficient paddling stroke, and match with feathered blade alignment. A two-piece paddle is the most common type that allows choosing between feathered and non-feathered blade alignments.


It is the point where the parts of the kayak paddle connect together.

Shaft type:

Adjustable shaft: If you would love to choose a paddle for multiple stroke style, buy an adjustable shaft so you can use it for different width kayaks.

Straight or bent shaft: Both styles are great for kayak fishing. I prefer straight shaft most, although anglers love bent shaft type loves more.

Anglers love the bent type most for its ergonomic shape. The design makes paddling easier for longer periods with less fatigue. One-handed paddling is much easier with a bent shaft paddle, which is extremely helpful while fishing.

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What is the best kayak paddle length for fishing?

The best size paddle for kayak fishing depends on three particular matters. Keep in mind the following three things while sizing a kayak fishing paddle:

  • Anglers height
  • Kayak width
  • And, the seat height of the kayak

It’s a bit different than sizing a recreational kayak touring paddle. The following chart may help you sizing a good kayak paddle for fishing.

How long a paddle for kayak fishing?- Chart

Width of KayakAngler’s height 6’ or shorter6’1” or taller
Smaller 28 inches230 cm240 cm
28 to 31.75 inches240 cm250 cm
32 to 35.75 inches250 cm260 cm
36 to 39.75 inches260 cm270 cm
40 inches plus270 cm280 cm

If you need a kayak paddle to sit on a high fishing kayak, add 10 cm in length additionally. You should add 10 cm to the recommended size if you use a low angle paddle as well.

Considerations for sizing kayak fishing paddle:

A fishing kayak comes in a wider design and remains stable than recreational kayaks. That’s the reason for having a longer paddle for kayak fishing. It helps to avoid hitting your knuckles sideways or leaning on each paddle stroke.

What kind of paddle should I get for my fishing kayak?

Fixed seat: If your kayak has a fixed seat design, consider a fixed-length paddle regarding the sizing chart. For example, you are 6’1” with a 36 inches wide kayak; get a 260 cm longer kayak paddle for better casting ability and visibility.

Adjustable seat: If you have a kayak with a height-adjustable seat, choose a telescoping paddle that comes with length adjustability. So, it can fit all your fishing activity, no matter the seat is adjusted to low or high.

If you are 5’8″ with a 36 inches kayak, consider a telescoping paddle where the length can be adjusted between 260 to 270 cm. If you paddle it in the higher seat position only, then a 270 cm fixed-length kayak paddle will be a good choice for you.

What is the best kayak paddle for fishing?

It’s a comparative question for what you will get different answers from different kayak fishermen. How good your paddle that depends on the type of kayak fishing you would love to do. Even, it may differ if you do fishing in different places as well.

If you do fishing around that areas require a strong paddle stroke to adjust your position faster, it’s better to consider a paddle with large stiff blades and high-angle strokes. Likewise, fishing around bridges, and cover!

Otherwise, switch to a low-angle kayak paddle if you often do offshore fishing that requires longer paddling distances.

So, the best paddle for you depends on few features we’ve mentioned earlier and the type of fishing you do.


So far, you have gathered enough knowledge about kayak paddles through this article along with the top product reviews of 2022. Now, use the information and determine your fishing type to choose the best fishing kayak paddle for you. Happy kayaking!

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