2021 Running Light season for Hokolite

Summer and autumn are the running light seasons in 2021. Because Covid covers the entire globe, good health is always important for everyone. Personal fitness equipment and yoga items sold extremely well in 2020. Because of the Covid issue, everyone was working out at home. As the situation improves, why not get some fresh air and go camping or running outside?

Today, I’d like to introduce our best-selling hokolite running lights for runners. When you’re running or camping outside, it’s always a challenge to keep your hand free.

A traditional headlamp may make you feel uneasy while participating in outdoor sports. However, not everyone prefers to run with a light on their head, particularly those who sweat a lot.

So, what is the solution to this? Our hands-free flashlight is the ideal solution to all of your problems. Almost all personal carriers can be clipped on with a push clip or a magnetic clip to your clothes, T-shirt, beanie, or backpack. Our headlamps are also protected by patents in the United States.

Magnetic clip Buying Link: https://hokolite.com/collections/bicycle-light/products/outdoor-led-night-running-light

Push Clip on styles Buying Link: https://hokolite.com/collections/bicycle-light/products/high-brightness-rechargeable-running-light

Our runner’s headlamps include a rechargeable Lithium battery with sufficient power backup. The super fast USB charging aids in completing the charge in less than two hours. And, depending on the brightness settings, you can use the light for 2 to 6 hours of work. You can also use the warning strobe light continuously for more than 12 hours.

Regarding outdoor weather conditions, our design team even made both lights whole injection with waterproof sealing design, so they can both meet IP44 standard and rain proof for all weather conditions, so you never have to worry about using them outside for camping or running.

You might wonder how bright they are. According to our research, 150 Lumens to 220 Lumens are the best solution for running outside in low-light conditions.

Here are some things you should know about LEDs and batteries when you running In the outdoors, a 150 Lumens to 220 Lumens light distance will be approximately 15-25 meters. It is sufficient for a normal person running distance with brain reflective speed for any accident such as finding and avoiding ditches, stones, or other hazards on your running path.

For running outside, we require a lightweight, brightly balanced headlamp. Yes, we can increase the brightness, but it will make the headlamp heavier than 100 grams. That extra weight will be uncomfortable during a long running.

As a runner for over 15 years, I can feel the pain and understand how uncomfortable the situation would be if you went for a running session that lasted more than an hour. This will shorten the duration of your workout.

In my opinion, a maximum weight of 60 to 80 grams is the best solution for runners. As a light, we designed our two running lights to weigh only 35 – 55 grams. This is the ideal lightweight running companion.

Let us bring a smart, super bright, and long-lasting Hokolite running light to your running path. It not only provides sufficient lighting but also ensures the safety of your running. It’s also an excellent addition to your outdoor running gear.

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