Kayak Sea Fishing: What to Bring For a Perfect Trip

Kayak sea fishing is becoming more popular among anglers. They say it’s simple; you can get closer to the fish.

The sea is more difficult to fish in than lakes or rivers. To fish at sea, a large amount of equipment is required.

This blog post will go over what you should bring when kayak sea fishing!

Kayak Sea Fishing: What to Bring

The Kayak For Sea Fishing:

You’ll need a kayak first. Don’t buy a plastic boat because it won’t last long in salt water. You want to be able to go fishing and not have your knee deep in salt water. A sea fishing kayak is great for staying on top of the water and being able to go into the sea.

Kayak Sea Fishing

When purchasing a kayak, make certain that it is intended for fishing. Many of them are not. If you plan to fish in the ocean, the boat should be wider and have more rocker. If you will spend most of your time on flat water, then it should be flatter.

A kayak for sea fishing will also have a detachable center console. This will make it easier for you to access your equipment. It will also have a rear tank well with a capacity of at least 20 liters.

You will also require an anchor system that is strong enough to hold the weight of your kayak in place in the face of large swells and wind.

Sea Kayak Pedals:

Some kayaks are fitted with foot pedals, allowing you to paddle without using your arms. This is a useful feature when fishing. It makes it easier to cast without getting the line tangled.

sea kayak fishing

Some anglers prefer not to have this feature as they feel it makes them top heavy and less stable. Good kayak fishing pedals are a good alternative to bringing along other items on your sea kayaking adventure.

Extra Fishing Rod:

More fishing rods equals more opportunities to catch fish. As a result, bringing at least two sets of rod and reel for sea kayak fishing is a good idea. Before you start, make sure your kayak can hold two rods. Make sure there is a place to put the rods.

Make sure that the rods are in a place where they are easy to reach and they do not stick out too far. This will make your joint hurt.

Saltwater Fishing Scissors:

If you’re going saltwater fishing, you’ll need saltwater fishing scissors. It will save your day by easily cutting complicated lines and hooks. They are also useful for unhooking your fish.

So, get one of the best salt water fishing scissors and bring it with you when you go kayak fishing.

Fishing Net:

Bring a kayak fishing net with you on your boat. You can use it for catching fish and also to paddle through the sea weed or any other debris that might get tangled up in your propeller.

Sea Kayak Fishing

It is always wise to bring along some kind of blade for cutting anything that gets stuck.


If you are fishing for the first time in an area, bring along a GPS device. If you get lost or run out of gas, then you can easily find your way back to shore.

Make sure someone knows where and when you will kayak fish. And if they can contact emergency services if anything happens. Additionally you can bring along a cheap fish finder to help you locate the fish before making a cast.

Food and Water:

Most kayaks have a place to store water and so it is always wise to take along some food and water as you will be away from home for hours on end.

On top of this, the more you carry the less stable your kayak becomes and if you capsize no one will be able to just fish you out as they would be able to if you are prepared.

However, do not take too much equipment as you will be better off carrying it all yourself rather than leaving half of it at home and needing part of it on the day.

You should also bear in mind that the more weight your kayak carries the slower it goes through the water so this needs to be carefully balanced.

First aid box:

You should also take a first aid kit with you, even if there are other people on the fishing trip with you. It is always better to be safe than sorry and sometimes an injury can go unnoticed until it is too late.

Sun Cream:

If you intend to kayak fish for any length of time then sun cream is very important. It is easy to get burnt when out on the water due to reflection off the water. Sun cream also helps prevent your skin from ageing too much which is another reason why it’s so important to take some with you.

Fishing Sunglass:

If you are looking to fish on sunny days then it is advisable to bring some sunglasses with you.

Fishing Sunglass

The glare off the water can be extremely strong which means that you won’t be able to see into the water as well as if you didn’t have them on.

Life Jackets:

You should always make sure that you have a life jacket with you. Although it is unlikely to happen. If something goes wrong on the water, especially when you are in a kayak which does not offer a lot of stability or room for error. One life jacket between two people could mean the difference between life and death.

Sea Kayak Leashes:

If you are planning to fish in deep water with your kayak then it is advisable to bring a good kayak leash with you. It is easy for the wind or current to sweep your paddle away from you.

Sea Kayak Leashes

You will then be without a paddle with nothing to stop you from turning over in the water, which can be extremely dangerous.

If you are fishing in shallow waters however, then it may not be necessary to bring a leash with you.

Additional Safety checklist:

  • Whistle to signal if you get into trouble
  • Flashlight or headlamp to help you see
  • Waterproof bag for phone and electronic devices
  • Bug spray (in summer)
  • First aid kit (in case of accidents)
  • Extra paddle (in case of accidents)

The above-mentioned items are just a few of the most important things that you should bring with you when you go sea kayaking and fishing however there are always things that may be useful to take which could make your time on the water more enjoyable.

I hope this article will help you prepare for your first kayak sea fishing trip! If you find it useful I would appreciate if you share it, like it or leave a comment.

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