Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans 2022

Family time on the patio is the highlight of our week. We don’t want to end up sweaty when we sit down for family time outside. You must ensure comfort on the patio if you want to spend quality time with your family. That comfort can be provided by outdoor ceiling fans.

A good ceiling fan can cool a room, circulate air, and change the ambiance. Today, we are going to share our top chart of best indoor and outdoor ceiling fans in 2022. Here is the comparison chart for you.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans 2022: Our Top Chart

Best ForNameFeaturesPrice
Best Outdoor Ceiling FanOutdoor Black Ceiling Fan with LightsVariable Speed
Low noise
Energy saving
Check price
Best Farmhouse FanSofucor 52” Outdoor Farmhouse Ceiling FanReversible Motor
Low Noise
Energy Saving
Check price
Best Rustic DesignHunter Fan Company 23838Traditional Rustic Design
Pull Chain Control
Check price
Best Tropical Outdoor FanHoneywell Ceiling Fans 50207Palm leaf blade
5 ETL damp rated
Pull Chain Control
Check price
Best Affordable LED FanProminence Home 51024Powerful and Quite
Dual Mount
2 Types blade option
Check price
Best Low Profile Hugger Outdoor Fankathy ireland HOME Tilo Modern Ceiling FanDual Mount
Low profile
Damp location approved
Check price
Best Farmhouse LED Ceiling FanRiver of Goods Farmhouse LED Ceiling FanPull Chain Control
3 speed reversible
Energy Efficient
Check price
Best Matte Black Outdoor FanHunter Fan Company 53294Multi Speed
Pull Chain Control
Variable Speed
Check price
Best Downrod Ceiling FanHarbor Breeze Twin Breeze3-speed reversible
6 Blade
Powerful quiet motor
Check price
Best Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling FansMinka-Aire Xtreme H2O Outdoor Ceiling FanVoice-Activated
Remote Control
Check price

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting an outdoor ceiling fan. There are tons of options for features, sizes, and specifications. Let us find out more about them.

What are outdoor ceiling fans, and what are the different types?

Outdoor ceiling fans are typically used with fans kept outside. The difference between these and the indoor ones is that they are more powerful. With its performance and ability to cool down a room, a good ceiling fan can be called great. You’ll never look back if you can get your hands on a good one. 

However, you must first become acquainted with outdoor ceiling fans. It will make selecting the best option easier. Let’s look at the different kinds of outdoor ceiling fans.


A damp-rated outdoor fan is ideal if you live in a rainy climate. However, this damp-rated fan is unable to withstand direct rain. It can withstand the rain’s dampness. You’ll need to keep the fan completely dry so it doesn’t get wet from the rain. For this type of fan, the covered location is safe.

Wet Rated

A wet-rated fan is ideal if you want an open ceiling. Wet-rated fans can withstand heavy rain and can be cleaned with a hose. There is no need to be concerned about safety because it is equipped with electricity and fire protection.

It’s very tempting to look at the sky while sipping a cup of tea and enjoying a cool breeze from a fan.

Outdoor ceiling fan buying guide

Before you buy the best outdoor ceiling fan, there are some things you should know. It will aid you in selecting a more suitable fan. Then you’ll know what to anticipate.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

Sturdy blades without blade holders

When purchasing an outdoor fan, you should consider more than just rain. Windy conditions, as well as salty winds, are a concern. It is best to select ceiling fans with mostly unibody construction for windy areas.

These are less likely to break in the wind because they do not have separate parts. The blades should be very strong and should not have any blade holders. As a result, after a storm, you will not awake to a broken fan.

Take the weather into consideration.

Take the weather into account before purchasing an outdoor fan. Just as you did in the case of the wet and damp. Ceiling fans for salty air will be ideal if you want your fan to be on a yacht or if your home is near a beach.

If you don’t, rust will quickly demolish your fan. If you live in a windy area, the materials should also be of high quality. In the event of a strong wind, the fan will sway.

Performance and size

It is difficult to select the correct size for an outdoor ceiling fan, just as it is for an indoor ceiling fan. You must take into account the larger area because it is larger. Determine the size of your fan based on the dimensions of your patio.

If you live in a hot climate, consider purchasing a larger fan to help circulate cool air. Consider a fan’s breeze rating option to reduce the difficulty of determining the proper size.

Ceiling height

If fans are too close together, an accident will occur. The distance between the blades and the ground should be at least ten feet. In addition, the blade and ceiling should be of sufficient height.

The ideal height ranges from 10 to 12 inches. A ceiling hugger fan will come in handy if you have a limited amount of space. This fan needs 7 to 8 inches of clearance from the ceiling.

Motor is crucial

Because the motor generates power, you must treat it with respect. AC or DC motors are available.

An alternating current motor uses a lot of power. DC motors, on the other hand, are cutting-edge technology that conserves energy. It saves up to 75% of the energy used and is a total win. It’s better to go with DC fans because they save a lot of energy.

In addition,

Do you enjoy ostentatious items? Consider what characteristics you want in a fan and look for them. With each launch, there are a plethora of companies that generate new ideas. You’ll get yours eventually.

One of the few opulent features is the lighting. Its light will beautify your patio at night. All of these features will make your life easier: energy efficiency, low maintenance. Some models have adjustable lighting and remote controls.


If fans have all of the features but do not match the aesthetic of your patio or porch area, they are not perfect. You want it to be perfect because it will be used outside. It could also cost you your peace of mind.

Choose fans with blades that look like palm leaves if you live near the sea. It will enhance the appearance of the patio. If you want the patio to look relaxing, choose a simple, light-colored fan to keep the peace. The ambiance will be ruined by a strange-looking fan.


Using a well-designed fan is sometimes preferable to using an air conditioner. It keeps the air cool without using a lot of energy. It is a worthwhile investment. Installing indoor fans in an outdoor area is a bad idea. Even if the material and power are excellent, they are not suitable for use in outdoor environments. If you live in a salty area, on the other hand, you can install an outdoor fan inside your home.

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